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How digitising business agreements gives SMBs an agility advantage

Agile companies like NowInfinity are setting a brand-new standard for the way they engage with people to do business - and it’s propelling them to new heights. For example, in the Finance Sector where nearly every transaction starts or ends with a physical agreement, accountants and other finance professionals transact digitally with NowInfinity, with great ease.

Moderated by MyBusiness editor Adam Zuchetti, join Tom Hyde, Head of SMB at DocuSign and NowInfinity CEO and Founder, Amreeta Abbott, as they discuss how digitising documents has completely transformed business workflow, removing paper and friction for clients.

Watch on-demand to discover: 

  • How NowInfinity transitioned to completely paperless entity management that’s reducing time, cost and effort.
  • How digitising dozens of financial processes is resulting in more compliant interaction with ASIC, as well as fewer fees
  • What innovative strategies SMBs can use to collect customer data digitally

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