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Improving Community Outcomes Through Digitisation in Healthcare

How can DocuSign help Healthcare organisations in Australia respond to increasing challenges?

DocuSign understands that healthcare is rapidly changing. While the “new normal” isn’t settled yet, we all know that there are key trends focused around the digitization needs of your patients, employees and clinicians. They all have come to expect more from providers to adapt to these changes, from anywhere and on any device. 

Currently serving over 1,400 healthcare providers, DocuSign helps some of the healthcare ecosystem’s leading players develop a highly secure technological infrastructure that supports continued growth —preparing them for any future that the healthcare industry holds. 

From telehealth and COVID-19 testing sites to constactless staff onboarding and clinical research, Docusign’s healthcare ecosystem supports automated, contactless workflows that enhance the patient and clinician experience, improves administrative efficiency and increases the accuracy and security of agreements—all of which lead to increased revenue.

If you’re interested in learning more about how DocuSign’s solutions can prepare you for the digital future of healthcare, please watch this on-demand webinar.

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