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Introduction to DocuSign Gen for Salesforce

According to a recent research brief, 59% of sales managers say agreement preparation takes too long. Clearly this needs to improve.

View this webinar to discover how our new product ‘DocuSign Gen for Salesforce’ can help you quickly generate polished agreements from within Salesforce. By giving you the ability to prepare, sign and store your agreements within Salesforce, DocuSign is helping increase your productivity by eliminating manual tasks associated with sales agreements.

View this On-Demand webinar to learn how you can:

  • Seamlessly merge Salesforce data into your official sales agreements 
  • Generate agreements that can be reviewed and edited
  • Prepare, sign and store agreements all within Salesforce
  • Save time and reduce errors by automatically inserting the right content based on Salesforce data and rules

Generate more business out of Salesforce with DocuSign Gen.


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