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Kochie’s Business Builders: Mobility

Kochie’s Business Builders has partnered with DocuSign to bring you a hard-hitting 4-part series of digital events to help you unpack the business solutions you need to survive the COVID-19 crisis. Register to watch part 2, focused on mobility. 

Panellists: David Koch, Anthony Slater, Director of Customer Success, DocuSign. Tiffany Tai Canva General Manager of Enterprise, Partnerships and BizOps and Imogen Randell, CEO, Richard Frost Research Director. 

The coronavirus crisis has forced a fundamental shift in the way we work. Millions of Australians have had a taste of remote work and many are enjoying the flexibility and work-life balance that comes with working from home.

However, managing a mobile workforce can be challenging for business owners.  It requires an understanding of how remote work can impact collaboration and communication. Ensuring your team has the equipment and business solutions needed to be productive at home is also vital.

Watch, Listen and Learn;

  • What is the impact on morale, experience and collaboration
  • How does this play into retention for business owners
  • As a business owner, how do you get mobility right? What’s vital vs what’s ‘nice to have’
  • How can businesses set up employees at home efficiently

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