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Making the Revenue Connection

During times of ongoing volatility and complexity, do your front-office staff have a line of sight to success?

This question has been asked and pondered over the past 10 years but never has it been more prevalent than today. Over the past 18 months, changes in buyer behaviour, technology shifts and the war for talent are impacting how businesses optimise and accelerate their revenue growth.

To succeed in the current environment, you need to turn ambiguity and complexity on their heads – from obstacles to opportunities. At DocuSign, we've partnered with Salesforce and Simplus to help businesses accelerate their growth and institute a streamlined revenue operations (RevOps) model. View this webinar as we discuss:

- Which revenue trends are currently prevalent in the global market
- How to optimise your revenue generation and simplify the revenue operations landscape
- Why the ‘war for talent’ can be won with best-in-class revenue technology

Dan Bognar, Vice President and General Manager @ DocuSign APJ
Tiffani Bova, Global Growth and Innovation Evangelist @ Salesforce
Clyde Fernandez, RVP Revenue Cloud @ Salesforce
Alyssia Tennant, National Sales & Delivery Director @ Simplus Australia

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