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AppBuilder Forms from Weever Apps makes it easy to create and manage a suite of mobile forms that are used to make sales, customer service, and other business processes dramatically more efficient. AppBuilder Forms customers save time and money, collect more/ better data and enjoy faster “quote to cash” cycles because documents are accurate, secure and immediately accessible, anywhere. Through AppBuilder’s intuitive user interface, anyone can create a mobile form to use through any mobile device (phone or tablet) to include features like:

  • Drop-down menus including existing content, price lists, etc.
  • Click-to-call buttons for easy dispatch
  • GPS location and date auto-fill fields
  • Add photos in real-time
  • DocuSign for secure eSignatures

If you are looking for a way to improve worker productivity, efficiency and profitability overnight without reinventing the wheel, consider evolving to a more modern approach to data collection.

Visit the website or send us one of your forms and we can start today.

Key Features

  • Easy to use Form Builder to build and launch in minutes
  • Use your current Docusign account login
  • Collect data, photo’s and signatures all in one document
  • Completed forms can be accessed on any popular touch phone or tablet
  • Completed signed documents flow into your existing DocuSign account


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Compatability/Version Information

Version 3.10
Last updated: Feb 26 2014

About the Partner

Weever Apps helps companies create impressive mobile experiences for customers and stakeholders. Our unique approach delivers a single app that can reach all your customers on Apple, Android, Blackberry 10 and Windows 8 phones and tablets.

As an award winning mobile app provider we understand the importance of mobile forms to enterprise companies. Mobile forms save time, reduce costs, standardize data and reduce the hassle of printing, faxing, collecting and sending paper documents.

AppBuilder Forms makes mobile apps featuring DocuSign, available to your customer’s phone or tablet available anytime, anywhere.

At Weever Apps we believe that all organizations should deliver a great mobile experience and we are proud to partner with DocuSign to offer a user-friendly solution made for today’s mobile landscape and business needs.





Customer Testimonials

“The development of the CFLPA Mobile app by Weever Apps has exceeded all of my expectations. It has had an immediate impact in improved efficiencies by integrating DocuSign signatures inside the mobile app, thereby reducing administrative work and giving Players access to critical documents while travelling. This DocuSign functionality will allow us to further expand the number and type of forms used by the Players on the app giving us even more productivity benefits.”

Susan Gordon

VP Sales & Marketing

Canadian Football League Players’ Association

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