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The Most Popular Document Generation & Reporting Solution for Salesforce

The Conga Suite of Solutions makes it easy to create sophisticated documents and reports with data from Salesforce. With Conga Composer, Salesforce users and administrators are more productive, more in control, and more effective in generating documents from any object in their Salesforce Org. Composer’s extensive document output formats include Microsoft Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, Adobe Acrobat PDF®, HTML Email and the DocuSign for Salesforce eSignature Envelope. Learn how Conga Composer can change the Salesforce user experience and make those manual document creation processes a distant memory.

Every day in any organization there is a need to generate documents utilizing data that resides within Salesforce. These documents and reports might include Contracts, Quotes, Proposals/Presentations, Work Orders and so on. The inability to create these documents quickly, accurately and consistently is what plagues most businesses, and has a direct impact on the bottom line. Salesforce users dread pasting data from multiple objects into a report or document. Then, getting it to look just right takes forever. Finally, add getting the document into the right hands, logging each activity and acquiring the necessary signature from the recipient, and it's no wonder users get frustrated. That's where Conga Composer comes in. Conga Composer makes it easy to create sophisticated documents and reports with data from Salesforce. The documents can then be printed, saved or distributed via email or DocuSign for Salesforce.

Conga Composer : Your Data -> Your Chosen Format -> Delivered How You Want -> When You Want.

Key Features

  • Conga Composer enables you to streamline complex document creation and distribution in 3 easy steps:
  • Create sophisticated document templates using any object or record in Salesforce and pull the data into Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, PDF forms, HTML email or use with DocuSign for Salesforce.
  • Distribute your documents/files to anyone, anywhere, any way you like with just a few clicks and have a history of the document recorded inside Salesforce. Conga Composer automatically logs activities and creates follow-up tasks—and can even update fields automatically for you.
  • Automate operations with powerful workflow, batch operations and scheduling to send documents en masse –.e.g., send an automated Timesheet document to be signed off by your team at the end of each month. Direct eSignature solution integration with DocuSign for Salesforce is available.
  • Once created, customers can print their documents, save them locally or in Salesforce, distribute them via email or through DocuSign for Salesforce’s eSignature solutions. DocuSign for Salesforce delivers Conga Composer documents via email, much like Salesforce itself, but adds the ability to acquire, track and file signatures.


Got Questions?

Conga Composer is built and supported by Conga. Contact the Conga Team today at [email protected]

Americas: +1 (866) 502-3334 toll free | +1 (303) 465-1616

EMEA: +44 20 3608 0165 | APAC: +61 28 417 2399

Compatibility / Version Information

  • DocuSign for Salesforce

About the Partner

Conga is the developer of the Conga Suite of solutions for Salesforce. The company was founded in 2006 to help customers fully leverage their Salesforce data, and as a result, has rapidly built a fan base of more than 100,000 users, in over 35 countries, across all industries. Our flagship product, Conga Composer, is the most popular document generation and reporting solution for Salesforce. The company is privately-held and based in Broomfield, CO with support teams in Australia and the UK. We love what we do, who we serve, and the difference our software makes in the lives of our customers and partners.

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Customer Testimonials

  • “The Sales Managers look forward to receiving this newly generated package every quarter. They are better prepared for their performance update meetings with their strategic accounts. It is a huge time saver and big relief for them, plus we have achieved considerable cost savings as an organization with the Conga solutions.” –Sampaguita Tate, Corporate Data Solutions/ Administrator
  • “When I presented the solution we created in just 3 days to automate these complex 17 page forms, people’s jaws dropped. ‘How could you replace that form so quickly?’ We used Conga Composer.” -Doyle Moody, Administrator, The Schumacher Group
  • “Conga Composer let us standardize the Executive Briefing reports. Now our Execs get the full story on an account before a key meeting and our reps don’t have to re-key lots of data. Every day, I think of more ways this application can help us. This is just one example.” -Jane Isaac, Director of Sales Operations, N.A., Open Solutions, Inc.
  • “I have nothing but huge praise for this product. With the ability to merge appointment data and jpg signatures to Word documents, my 1600 letters a month are a complete breeze. I literally had users hugging and kissing me.” - Joy Daniel, Web/Marketing Analyst, Morris, Hall & Kinghorn, P.L.L.C.

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