DocuSign Phone Authentication (powered by Authentify)

DocuSign has partnered with Authentify, to deliver a two-factor biometric authentication method called Phone Authentication to ensure strong signer authentication built right into the signing process.

DocuSign Phone Authentication validates a person’s phone number and access to that phone number, and records the signers voice as a biometric factor attached to the record.

DocuSign Phone Authentication is integrated into the DocuSign service and the request is set during the addressing of the envelope. In the web interface, it is easily added on the addressing screen for each recipient. Typically the sender provides the known good phone number for the signer. When accessing an envelope with Phone Authentication enabled, the recipient is informed they must have access to a particular phone number to pass authentication. The recipient clicks the “call” button, and they are presented with an authentication code and the system places a call to the selected number. After answering the phone, the recipient is prompted enter or speak the authentication code from the browser screen. They are then asked to speak their name which is recorded, generating a biometric voiceprint that is attached to the signing process in DocuSign. The authentication detail, and access to the voiceprint is available on the DocuSign Certificate of Completion.

Phone Authentication can be configured by the administrator to be required for all transactions, the sender’s option, and can also be configured to allow the signer to provide their own phone number. It can also be used in addition to other forms of authentication, creating a multi-layer authentication process supporting industry requirements such as the FDIC FFIEC. It is typically used with financial transactions, or other transactions where a strong signer ID is required. The results of the Phone Authentication are recorded securely as a part of the signing record.

DocuSign Phone Authentication is available for a nominal fee per use. For pricing information, contact [email protected]