Floify is a Borrower Portal, automating the process of collecting mortgage documents and sending updates. 

Floify helps loan originators by automating some of the most time consuming, and error filled parts of the lending process. The simple interface walks your customers through every step and allows them to upload their documents directly into the system that you will use to track their loan progress. Floify increases referral partner retention by keeping them informed with automated milestone updates. Floify uses today's technolgy to get tasks done in far less time than what is possible otherwise. This frees you and your team up to process more loans and maybe even enjoy an increased work-life balance. 

Floify uses cloud technology to automate the collecting of mortgage loan documentation from borrowers, as well as establish an intuitive portal for loan originators to track each loan file to conclusion. This reduces the amount of human error during the documentation process and allows originators to spend more time serving customers, closing loans, and increasing their bottom line. 

We found that many of our users were also using DocuSign for their e-signature needs, and it made sense to integrate the security and comfort of DocuSign into Floify. Floify users can now send existing document templates that are already setup on their DocuSign account directly from within Floify. They can also send a one-off document that doesn't use a pre-existing template by designing one - through a DocuSign user interface - send documents with pre-filled fields as well as those without, and send documents that also require a co-borrower's e-signature. 

Key Features

  • Automate the process of collecting loan documents from borrowers
  • Keep real estate agents and borrowers up-to-date with easy email updates
  • Track back office workflow tasks to avoid the last minute rush to closing
  • Gain 24/7 visibility into the status of your pipeline
  • Archive loan files for quick and easy access at a later time

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About the partner

We are a Boulder, Colorado based B2B SaaS startup. We have a 6 person team comprising engineering, marketing, sales and support. Our founder, Dave Sims, started Floify after he himself went through a mortgage refinance and was mind-blown at the difficult and slow process of mortgage document collection. As a software designer, he decided to create a solution that would streamline the process for a lender to make their requests, send updates, and give the borrower a secure portal to submit their documents and stay informed on what was happening with their loan. 

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