SetaPDF-Signer for CoSign Central

SetaPDF-Signer enables PHP developers to digitally sign PDF documents.

SetaPDF-Signer enables PHP developers to easily add digital signatures for PDF documents to their applications. SetaPDF-Signer is a pure PHP solution. It supports visible and invisible signatures including timestamps and document level timestamps. In addition to signature and timestamp modules, SetaPDF-Signer offers simple interfaces for external signature services including CoSign Central from DocuSign. SetaPDF-Signer uses the CoSign Signature SOAP API.

Key Features

  • Completely written in PHP
  • Sign or certify PDF documents
  • Support for visible signatures
  • Timestamping and document level timestamp support
  • Signature module for CoSign Central


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Compatibility Information

DocuSign Platform: CoSign Central.

About the Partner

Setasign is located in Germany. We have offered PHP and PDF components for various tasks to PHP developers around the world for over 10 years.

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