One click to send a document for electronic signature Docusign and SpringCM makes it easy to send documents for signature directly from SpringCM. Get documents signed and checked in as new versions within minutes.

Sending a contract or any other type of document for electronic signature couldn’t be easier using Docusign for SpringCM. Simply choose any document in SpringCM, select the send for electronic signature menu item, populate your recipients, and it’s off. SpringCM provides a full audit trail of all document actions.

If you have an existing DocuSign account, all you have to do is enter your credentials and you’re ready to start getting signatures.

Key Features

  • Send any type of document for signature
  • Signed copy of the document is checked in as a new version
  • Sender and recipient(s) are automatically notified when process is complete


Got Questions?

Contact SpringCM support today at [email protected] or 1.877.362.7373

Compatibility / Version Information

DocuSign for SpringCM is designed to work with all DocuSign editions and SpringCM Business and Enterprise Editions.

About the partner

SpringCM is the leader in Content Cloud Services for the enterprise. We deliver clearly more than cloud storage and file sharing—we put content to work with automated workflows and Smart Rules. Our applications help global brands and public agencies—Google, Facebook, Entegris, and the Commonwealth of Virginia, among others—increase revenues, cut costs, mitigate risk, engage employees, and delight customers.

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