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SteelBrick provides easy-to-use Configure Price Quote (CPQ) apps for high-growth businesses. When you streamline the quoting process, your sales team can spend more time selling and get to a signed deal faster.

SteelBrick CPQ is the most complete, out-of-the-box CPQ, and it simply works. It’s easy to get started and it’s affordable; yet, it’s still powerful enough for your high-growth business. With SteelBrick CPQ your products and services are configured and sales quotes are created, approved, and sent off immediately—all in the Sales Cloud with just a few clicks. And every time, you’ll know that your quotes and proposals are complete, accurate, and perfectly customized to your customers.

SteelBrick CPQ simplifies configuration and ensures pricing and quoting accuracy. Sales reps reduce errors, improve productivity, and close more deals without ever leaving the Sales Cloud. SteelBrick CPQ delivers the perfect balance of functionality, ease of use, and affordability – and it’s 100% Native on Salesforce.

Key Features

  • Select & Configure - Ensure order accuracy and eliminate data-entry errors.
  • Price & Quote - Generate customer-friendly quotes with consistent pricing and discounting.
  • Proposals & Contracts - Create, customize and brand proposals.
  • Add-ons & Renewals - Streamline renewals for existing customers.



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About The Partner

SteelBrick provides easy-to-use Configure Price Quote (CPQ) apps for high-growth customers. SteelBrick CPQ is 100% native on the Salesforce platform, so users can create accurate and professional sales quotes quickly and error-free, without leaving the Sales Cloud. Unlike other CPQ solutions that can take a year or more to go live, SteelBrick provides out-of-the-box CPQ that simply works, with most customer implementations competed in just a few weeks. Many high-growth companies use and rely on SteelBrick CPQ including Cloudera, HootSuite, Nutanix and Nimble Storage. For more, go to




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