Terra Vista Software specializes in leasing software, including its premier lease origination application Max Finance. Partnering with lease and bank service businesses, Terra Vista Software provides the business software needed to analyze and complete lease applications.

MAX Finance is your complete Lease Origination solution. It combines into one easy-to-use application all of the features needed to manage the lease origination process including credit reports and scoring, document management, workflow, sophisticated pricing, and many other features.

The Standard Edition uses a database hosted by Terra Vista, which means you do not worry about servers, database setup or support personnel to maintain your system. With the Terra Vista hosted solution, you only need to download from our secure web page the MAX Finance application to your PCs. Lease information is stored on a central database server which is managed by Terra Vista and accessed by you via a secure Internet connection.

Key Features

  • Facilitates the collection of all the necessary paperwork needed to create a lease contract.
  • Routes the lease proposal to the next step in the process as each step is completed.
  • Provides access to credit reports and credit scoring from the major credit bureaus.
  • Uses state-of-the-art pricing, including taxes, to determine the best possible terms.


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Terra Vista Software specializes in leasing software.

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