Next-generation Legal advice and services platform, Virtual Law Direct has partnered with DocuSign for online delivery and signature of documents.

Virtual Law Direct is a groundbreaking platform created to give individuals and businesses convenient, direct online access to legal advice from independent attorneys. Free to sign up, clients can get real legal advice, consult online from the convenience of their offices or living-rooms and manage their attorneys, cases, documents and legal bills, all through an easy-to-use, confidential online platform. Now, with DocuSign integrated into the Virtual Law Direct platform, getting documents signed and shared with Virtual Law Direct users or others has become so much easier. Users can sign up to DocuSign, and share, and get documents signed through the Platform on the touch of a few buttons. Working together, Virtual Law Direct and DocuSign bring online legal services to the next level.

About the Partner

Virtual Law Direct is a unique utility designed to enable lawyers and clients to interact, collaborate and manage their legal relationships efficiently.

Our mission is to make legal services, and related information and products more accessible, less intimidating, more efficient, competitive and transparent through connecting lawyers and clients in a centralized community. We are a 'Cloud' service, and working with our vendors we aim to be THE place for getting your legal work done online™.

Virtual Law Direct is the product of almost 20 years of legal experience across several jurisdictions, through which we have seen that there is a common and clear need for easily accessible and affordable legal services and products from qualified lawyers in a rapidly changing Legal Services environment.