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Per user, per month when paid annually

Single User Plan

  • Single user only

  • 5 document sends a month
  • Basic fields
  • Mobile app
  • Integrate with Dropbox, Google Drive & More



Per month when paid annually

For more than 1 user,
call 1-877-720-2040

  • For more than 1 user,
    call 1-877-720-2040
  • Send documents for signature
  • Basic fields
  • Mobile app
  • Integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive & More
  • Reminders & notifications
  • Personalized branding

Business Pro


Per month when paid annually

For more than 1 user,
call 1-877-720-2040

  • For more than 1 user,
    call 1-877-720-2040
  • Send documents for signature
  • Basic fields
  • Mobile app
  • Integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive & More

  • Reminders & notifications
  • Personalized branding
  • Advanced fields
  • Signer attachments
  • Bulk Send
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Subscription plan FAQ

  • Can I try DocuSign before I purchase a plan?

    Yes. We offer free 30-day trials to help you learn the ropes before you decide if you want to purchase a plan.

    Try it here
  • How many documents can I send each month?

    The number of document sends included each month differs by plan type. DocuSign’s Personal plan includes 5 document sends per month. DocuSign Standard, Real Estate & Business Pro plans purchased online do not have a hard usage cap, but are subject to reasonable use limits.

  • What are the reasonable use limits?

    For DocuSign Standard and Business Pro single-user plans purchased on, reasonable use is currently 100 envelopes/user in a 30-day period. If you exceed that amount, a DocuSign representative will contact you via email or phone to help you find a plan that meets your usage needs and you will have up to 30 days to adjust your plan. We will not turn off your account or bill you for overages until we give you the opportunity to get a plan that better suits your usage.

  • How do I buy a plan for more than one user?

    If you need multiple users, please contact our sales team at 1-877-720-2040. If you have previously purchased a single-user plan online, you can add users in the product at an additional cost per user after you activate your account.

  • Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

    Yes, for annual plans you can request a full refund within 30 days of purchase. After the initial 30 days of your plan we are not able to prorate unused portions of annual fees. For monthly plans, you can cancel your account at any time and you will not be charged for the next month.*

  • Does everyone signing the document need a DocuSign account?

    No, recipients of your documents do not need an account to sign with DocuSign. Your document will be sent via email from and recipients can review the document, adopt a signature, and complete the signing process without having a DocuSign account.

  • How much does DocuSign cost?

    DocuSign plans start at $10 per month when purchased annually and scale up to include more advanced functionality. In addition, customers can sample the DocuSign experience with a free offering, which includes 3 signature requests. All of DocuSign’s offerings include the highest levels of trust and security, industry leading user experience, and the flexibility to grow as your needs evolve.

  • Will my monthly/annual subscription be renewed automatically?

    Yes, your subscription will automatically be renewed until you let us know that you’d like to change your plan or cancel your account.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    You can close or downgrade your account at anytime by following the instructions here.

All Features


For more than 1 user, call 1 800 255 982

Business ProBUY NOW

For more than 1 user, call 1 800 255 982

Advanced SolutionsCONTACT US

Customized for you call 1 800 255 982

Users Single user plan Single user plan Single user plan More than 1 user

The number of people at your organization who can access your account. Each user will have their own login information and the ability to send documents for signature. Signing is always free and your signers don't need to be users on your account. Note that price is per user.

Sign documents

Add your signature to any document sent to you and return it via email. Signing with DocuSign is faster, safer and more secure than traditional “wet ink” signatures, and can be done anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Send documents for signature 5/month

Send documents to others for them to sign and fill out. One send can include any number of recipients and any number of documents.

Mobile & desktop access

Easily sign documents through your desktop or mobile device. For mobile, download an easy-to-use app to create, send, and sign documents anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Custom templates

Streamline sending your frequently used documents. Create a standard template with defined recipient roles, signing tags, and information fields. Reduce set-up time from many steps to just one.

Basic fields

Collect name, date, signature, initial, company, title, and email from your signer, or add text and checkboxes to allow your signer to fill in information themselves.

Basic workflows

Route documents to multiple users in serial, parallel and mixed sequencing to fit your ideal process. Require users to sign one by one or allow them all to sign at the same time.

Real-time audit trail

Know the status of your envelope with our secure, real-time audit trail.

Integrate with Dropbox, GoogleDrive, & more

Easily use DocuSign within your favorite applications by integrating with Box, Dropbox, Evernote, GoogleDrive, Microsoft® Office 365 , and more.

Multiple languages

Transact globally with signing in 43 languages and the ability to send documents in 13 languages.

Custom branding  

Reflect your brand on emails requesting recipient’s signature and web pages your recipients see when they complete documents. Add your logo, change colors, and customize email text.

Reminders & Notifications  

Set up automated email reminders for your signers to complete the signing process and add deadline notifications to expire untouched documents or transactions.

Shareable templates, fields, and folders  

Share templates and document fields across users to streamline your process and facilitate collaboration. Store envelopes in shared folders for easy access across the team.

Advanced fields    

Streamline your signing process with automated fields, such as conditional fields with customized logic (i.e. show x field, if y is selected) or create your own formulas (i.e., n quantity x $ price = $ total cost). Reduce data entry errors by defining characters that are allowed, conditional logic, calculations, and more.

Collaborative fields    

Allow recipients to collaborate on fields. For example, during the negotiation process, you can use collaborative fields to allow the sender and signer to propose changes to a closing date or other small changes in the document. Manage changes within DocuSign where all changes are tracked, approved, and recorded in the secure audit trail.

Form fields    

Create custom forms using radio buttons, check boxes, drop down fields, and notes.

In-person signatures    

Let your signers complete documents in-person, on your device, instantly!

Fax signatures     $

Allow signers that “wet” sign a document to fax it back to DocuSign. The returned fax gets added to your records as a related document. Additionally, you can send documents via fax for signature.

Signer attachments    

Ask your signers to upload and attach documents as part of the signing process. For example, supporting documentation like driver’s license or professional licenses.

Advanced recipient types    

Create more customized workflows with different types of recipients. For example, enable recipients to edit documents, add other recipients, confirm receipt, or simply approve/decline a document.

Advanced authentication     $

Be confident in your signer’s or user’s identity by using two-factor authentication. DocuSign provides SMS, knowledge-based, and phone authentication. DocuSign provides industry leading functionality so you can be confident in your security.


Avoid expensive data entry errors and phone calls. Now you can replace static documents with on-demand, self-service signing for your most common forms and agreements. PowerForms let you create signable documents that can be posted on your website or secure portals. Each signed document will be specific to that signer. Data entered into the signed form can be automatically transferred into your other systems through our API integration.

Bulk send    

Bulk Send lets you easily send the same document to a large number of recipients and track who responds. Each recipient will sign their own, unique copy of the document. Simply import a list of signers and each will receive a unique email and copy of the document.

Embedded signing and sending      

Embed DocuSign's signing and sending functionality directly into your website or app so your users can sign instantly from within your user interface.

Custom API integrations      

Access DocuSign through your own custom built integrations. Use our REST or SOAP APIs, recipes, coding tools, and robust sandbox environment to rapidly develop, test, and deploy your app or website.

Developer sandbox      

It’s easy to develop, test, and deploy with DocuSign. Our Developer Sandbox provides a safe environment to test your integrations before deploying them in your production environment.

CRM Connectors (e.g., Salesforce)      

Quickly integrate your CRM system with DocuSign. DocuSign's pre-built connectors provide a fast and easy way to integrate your systems so that you can send, sign and take action from within your existing CRM systems, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft SharePoint, NetSuite, SugarCRM, and many more.

Mobile offline sending and signing      

With offline access, you can prepare, sign, and send documents even when you don’t have network connectivity. Documents will be sent as soon as a network connection is available. Great for use in rural environments, when commuting underground, or working in sensitive environments like hospitals.

Advanced workflows      

Improve your productivity and ROI with customized workflows. Include groups of signers within a workflow (e.g., legal help desk) while maintaining a user’s unique identity. Control which users can view specific documents within an envelope to protect confidential information. Specify a custom watermark to differentiate draft documents from completed documents. And much, much more.

Advanced compliance      

Customize DocuSign for your company’s policies with features like masked fields, read-only fields, and locked templates.

Advanced roles & permissions      

Define roles and permissions to streamline your workflow and customize access to manage compliance. DocuSign has multiple roles, including custom roles, to customize access for your specific needs. You have control over every step of the process.

Enterprise testing environment      

Confidently develop, test, and deploy enterprise scale applications. DocuSign provides enterprise testing environments that lead the industry with scalability, so you can be confident that your integrations with DocuSign will be ready for you with you most need it.

Retention policy management      

Improve compliance and reduce risk by enforcing your company’s retention policy. Control the lifecycle of your documents to comply with company policies by automatically notifying users when a document is approaching retention limits and automatically purging documents, if desired. Customized for your specific retention policy.

Mobile device policies      

Deploy DocuSign iOS mobile apps on mobile devices secured by Good Technology's mobile device management to extend the reach of your IT department's control over business information. Good Technology subscription required.

Single sign-on integration      

Control user access and integrate these controls with your existing systems. Set up SAML to allow your company users to login to DocuSign using single sign-on (SSO). Professional services may apply.

Signature customization      

Customize your signature configuration and controls, including font types, the ability to upload signature images, or the ability to use a signature pad.

Account manager      

Your named DocuSign account manager will work to understand your needs, coordinate the services you need (such as customer support or professional services), and help you maximize your return on investment.

Professional services options      

Accelerate adoption across your organization. Leverage DocuSign Professional Services to implement DocuSign, manage risk, and apply best practices to your deployment.

Customer support Standard Support Standard Support Standard Support Phone, Email, Chat

DocuSign provides the support you need to be successful. Standard support levels are included. More advanced support plans provide a range of options to accelerate the success of your users, signers and developers.

$ Additional fees may apply
* The 30-day risk-free refund option may only be used once per customer. When you sign up for a DocuSign plan, you must agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for Use of DocuSign Service Plans. This agreement contains important information about fees and payment terms, return of balances, and account terms and terminations. We can only process cancellations and refunds according to the terms specified there.
20NOW offer expires April 28, 2017. 20% savings is valid for the first year of single-user DocuSign annual subscription when purchased on Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. Maximum discount value of AU$132. DocuSign corporate and API plans are not eligible. Valid for NEW customers only. No price adjustments on previous purchases.

Free Edition

DocuSign Free Edition is DocuSign’s free plan for signing use from any internet-connected device. With DocuSign Free Edition, you can easily access all your signed documents from DocuSign’s secure cloud storage.

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