Stop chasing payments

Use DocuSign Payments to get paid instantly and avoid delays collecting the money you’re owed. Say goodbye to the disjointed, complicated process of collecting payments. Now your customers can sign and pay together. > Learn more

Increase customer satisfaction

Make customers happy

Deliver a superior customer experience by providing the ability to sign and pay anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Get payments faster electronically

Focus on your business

Spend more time growing your business instead of chasing down payments.

Increased efficiencies

Reduce errors

Prevent inaccuracies caused by manual processes to ensure you get paid the right amount.

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DocuSign Payments has you covered

With quick setup time, a platform that is secure and PCI-compliant, and a flexible, intuitive mobile-friendly interface, DocuSign Payments makes it easy for you to collect electronic payments sooner.

Sign and get paid quickly on agreements, including:

  • Lease agreements

  • Insurance premiums

  • Invoices

  • Event space rentals

  • Donations

  • Security deposits

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DocuSign Payments

Why businesses need a fully digital payments solution


of businesses experience payment delays or failure to collect *


of businesses spend more than 10 hours per week chasing payments *

DocuSign Payments FAQs

How does DocuSign Payments work?

DocuSign is developing pre-built integrations with the leading payment gateways so businesses can collect payments using DocuSign.

Here’s the process:

1. Sender signs up or logs into payment gateway account (first-time only) to connect the gateway to DocuSign

2. Sender adds payment requests via the DocuSign Payments tag

3. Signer pays within the signing experience

4. Funds are sent to sender’s payment gateway account

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What is a payment gateway?

You need a payment gateway to accept online payments from customers. A payment gateway is a service that sends credit card transactions to the credit card payment networks for processing. When a sender gathers a signature and collects a payment from a signer, DocuSign will submit the transaction to the sender's selected payment gateway for routing to the credit card payment networks.

Do I need to sign up with Stripe to use DocuSign Payments?

Yes, you will need to sign-up or have an existing account with a DocuSign-supported payment gateway. Currently, Stripe is the only payment gateway available. However, DocuSign will continue to integrate additional payment gateways on an ongoing basis. PayPal, Braintree and Authorize.Net will be available later in 2017.

* Internal DocuSign market research, 2016