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DocuSign Signature Appliance

Electronic signatures give you a competitive advantage, saving time and money on agreements and approval processes. The DocuSign Signature Appliance gives you the benefits of electronic signing, while helping you meet compliance requirements in highly regulated industries and markets. The DocuSign Signature Appliance gives you the choice to deploy from a hybrid cloud model or behind your firewall and seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and applications. 




The trusted private and hybrid cloud signing solution

Be confident when your employees and users sign. The DocuSign Signature Appliance is the electronic signing solution of choice for organizations that need a private or hybrid cloud deployment. It has an industry-leading track record of success in regulated industries, such as life sciences, healthcare, government, energy, utilities and architecture, engineering, and construction.

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Maximum security and enforceability


Maximum security and enforceability

Built using industry-standard digital signature technology, the Signature Appliance meets widely accepted electronic signature standards worldwide. Deployed behind your firewall and integrated with the most popular ID management systems, including Active Directory, Signature Appliance signatures are tied to your signers’ corporate identities for strong verification.



Highest levels of compliance

Built for compliance, the DocuSign Signature Appliance uses the industry-standard Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) digital signature technology. The DocuSign Signature Appliance is a global solution that can be used to meet industry regulations in many regions around the world. Key security certifications include FIPS 140-2 Level 3, FIPS 201 PIV Standard and Common Criteria EAL4+, for compliance with government regulations in North America and the European Union (EU).

Transform your organization without disrupting it


Transform your organization without disrupting it


Transform your organization without disrupting it

The DocuSign Signature Appliance integrates with your existing systems, adding electronic signing while letting people continue to use the processes and tools they’ve come to rely on. Users can sign directly from their trusted authoring applications, and the resulting documents stay in their original file formats.

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How does the Signature Appliance work?

Install the DocuSign Signature Appliance behind your firewall, and configure the system to work with your internal tools. The Signature Appliance can integrate with your company’s existing ID management system or use digital certificates issued and backed by the Certificate Authority of your choice. Users sign documents directly from the document authoring or management app of their choice or through the DocuSign Signature Appliance desktop, mobile, or web interfaces.

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Open and authenticate

The signer opens a document and clicks the Signature Appliance signing option. A hash (a unique document ‘fingerprint’) is securely sent to the DocuSign Signature Appliance. The signer authenticates and is verified against the connected ID management system.

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Generate the signature

The DocuSign Signature Appliance generates the signer’s signature based on the hash of the document, using the signer’s private key and digital certificate. The signature is then securely sent back to the signer’s authoring application.

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Embed the signature

The digital signature is embedded in the document by the authoring application, creating a PKI-standard, electronically signed and sealed document. Any changes made to the document after signing are immediately detectable by any of thousands of PKI-enabled document readers.

Who can benefit from the DocuSign Signature Appliance?

Life sciences

  • FDA-regulated — 21  CFR Part 11
  • Clinical research portals
  • Clinical operations
  • Quality management


  • Engineering document approval and archiving
  • Legal case management
  • Evidence archiving
  • EU-specific requirements


  • Engineering process
  • Management with engineering seals
  • Construction quality management
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European Union

  • Responses to government inquiries/subpoenas
  • Decrees and other public electronic document publishing


  • Document sealing and timestamping for e-archiving
  • Hospital medical records, evidence, and documentation



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