DocuSign in Legal Departments–Insist on It

DocuSign helps law firms and legal departments increase document automation, efficiency and compliance. With industry-leading standards of enforceability, including robust authentication, encryption, tamper-seal certificates, chain of custody, and a non-repudiable audit trail, it’s actually a risk not to go with DocuSign.


Features and benefits

Non-disclosure agreements

Quickly execute NDAs with job applicants, new employees, vendors, and partners by leveraging pre-configured templates and workflow.

Business contracts and agreements

Speed execution by standardizing and automating the way contracts and agreements get executed.

Contract management

Manage signed contracts across your organization, access a rich audit trail, and report on open agreements and other key metrics.

Board minutes

Comply with Sarbanes-Oxley for electronically signing off on board minutes and ensure proper audit trail.

Document retention

Securely store documents online as long as your retention policy requires, or fetch completed documents to store within your company.

Policy management and compliance

Easily get employees to electronically acknowledge and sign internal company policies, helping improve adherence and compliance.

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