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From sales contracts to compliance processes, service agreements, and supply chain contracts, gathering signatures manually is slow and costly to your business. See how medical device manufacturers are using DocuSign to increase efficiency and lower costs in core business processes while ensuring better regulatory compliance.



Faster sales contract turnaround

Medical device contracts can require signatures from doctors, administrators, finance, procurement, and compliance personnel. Gathering all required signatures can slow the process down and even cause you to miss sales deadlines. DocuSign helps you close business faster while providing greater control and visibility over the process.
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Efficient regulatory compliance

Your compliance teams deal with a sea of regulations. DocuSign is fully compliant with ESIGN, UETA, ETSI, HIPAA, and both General Signature Requirements and Electronic Signature Requirements of 21 CFR Part 11. Not only does DocuSign improve process efficiency and reduce cost, but it is a key enabler to achieving 100% regulatory compliance.
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Improve service contracts/install agreements

Service and support is an important revenue stream for medical device manufacturers. DocuSign can help you maximize your attach rates by ensuring that support contracts are easy for customers to sign on the spot or online. With DocuSign, you will speed your time to revenue by streamlining the contract signature process.
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Streamline supply chain contracts

Medical device manufacturers must maintain vendor agreements with hospitals, GPOs, suppliers, and vendors. Managing the required contracts with manual signatures slows everything. DocuSign lets you shorten contract cycle times and enables straight-through processing while reducing costly errors and gaining greater control over the process.
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Automating HR processes

From onboarding to off-boarding, HR departments must manage a mountain of forms for each employee, including hiring, NDAs, and benefits enrollment forms. Migrating these processes to DocuSign can save your staff valuable time, reduce costs associated with printing, shipping and faxing, and help you ensure 100% signature compliance.
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