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Automate and connect mortgage processes

The DocuSign Agreement Cloud for Mortgage

Build a modern mortgage

Create a modern customer experience and accelerate your mortgage process with the DocuSign Agreement Cloud.

Whether guiding customers through an application, requesting electronic signatures or witnessing, or assembling closing packages in a secure, digital workspace, DocuSign can help you make an end-to-end digital mortgage process a reality.


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End-to-end digital mortgage solutions

No matter where you are in making your mortgage process digital, DocuSign has the solutions you need to eliminate the time and money spent on slow, error-prone, paper-based processes. The DocuSign Agreement Cloud for Mortgage offers electronic signature and electronic witnessing.

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Meet 72-hour delivery requirements

With DocuSign, you can send out loan documents and disclosures quickly and have your clients acknowledge receipt on almost any device, making the 72-hour delivery requirement a breeze to manage.

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Close loans faster, get paid sooner

With purpose-built solutions for mortgage, DocuSign helps you keep up with evolving regulations while delivering a user- and employee-friendly experience. You can assemble, send, and sign agreements faster, reducing the time to close.

Use case

DocuSign can be used for many of the document-intensive tasks your organisation tackles every day, such as:

Declarations of Income or Expenses, assets and liabilities

Credit History Explanation Letter (if have bad credit)

Property Valuation (done by banks or 3rd parties)

Gift Letters (declaration of significant gifts / deposits)

Rental Reference Letter (prove savings)

Statement of Warranty (in some commercial or rented buildings)

Guarantor Forms

Statutory Declarations (Very common)

Accountant Letters (proof of accounts)

Contract of Sale (Seller and Buyer contract)

Loan Offer Documents

Loan Contract

Evidence of Insurance

Mortgage Document to register the mortgage

Grants application forms (First home buyers etc)

Repayment form (Direct debit etc)

Borrower Certificate / Declaration by Borrower

Certificate of independent legal advice (For complex Loans)

Discharge form (to when changing lenders)

Non Resident Documents (different forms for non residents)

And many more

Mortgage resources

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DocuSign brings more than eSignature to the closing table; it’s the trusted platform to take your entire mortgage digital.
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