DocuSign Fall '14 Release


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As part of the DocuSign Fall ’14 Release, we plan to deliver the following enhancements on September 5th. To learn more, contact your DocuSign Account Manager.

Release Highlights

Signing Experience Enhancements - Update

We’re working on significant improvements to the Signing Experience including improved navigation, streamlined welcome screen, responsive email notifications, and a more modern look and feel - all to make it easier and faster for your customers to sign documents.

These enhancements have been available in your Demo environment since June 6. The release date for the new Signing Experience is December 5, 2014 and it will be delivered to your Production environment as part of the DocuSign Winter '15 Release. The Signing Experience enhancements will continue to be available in Demo during that time - and we hope you'll take advantage of the additional time to try it out. More information about the enhancements is available in the Info Guide.

Additional Information: These updates are currently available in your Demo environment. We recommend you begin testing the signing enhancements now by sending and signing at least 3 documents and checking that any customized branding you've implemented is appearing correctly. Customer account administrators can manage the "DocuSign Winter '15 Signing Experience" option in the Classic DocuSign Experience web application under Preferences.

For customers using resource file branding customizations, this release will maintain backward compatibility with your existing files. However, we will be removing some resource file nodes that no longer apply in the new Signing Experience and adding new strings.

Between June and December 2014, we plan to make periodic updates in Demo as we incorporate feedback from our customers.

Once released in Production on December 5, customers will be automatically transitioned to the DocuSign Winter '15 Signing Experience, unless the customer account administrator turns it off.

DocuSign will continue to offer the prior Signing Experience until August 31, 2015, at which point all users will be automatically transitioned to the DocuSign Winter '15 Signing Experience. DocuSign will not make any bug fixes to the prior Signing Experience after March 6, 2015; no exceptions.

New DocuSign Experience

The New DocuSign Experience is the next generation of the DocuSign user interface that makes it easier, faster and more intuitive than ever for your users to send and manage documents.

We are adding capabilities to the New DocuSign Experience every two weeks, including popular features from the Classic DocuSign Experience, as well as entirely new capabilities. Functionality that is coming soon includes*:

  • New Recipient Fields and Functionality: Request your recipient check a box to approve or decline a document (Approve/Decline). Display or hide data that needs to be collected based on recipients’ responses to other fields (Conditional Fields). Dynamically calculate values based on recipients’ inputs to other fields (Calculated Fields).
  • Watermark Settings: Printed copies of in-process documents display a watermark to show that document signing is not complete.
  • Document Labels: Require senders to add information about the document they are sending to make it easier to search for envelopes or track information (Called Custom Envelope Fields in the Classic DocuSign Experience).

The New DocuSign Experience is completely optional and is enabled by Account Administrators. We have added the most common sending, signing and management functionality; however some advanced features that are in the Classic DocuSign Experience are not yet available in the New DocuSign Experience ( download list).

We recommend trying the New DocuSign Experience on Demo now to see if the functionality meets your users’ needs. Please note that Account Administrators must switch to the Classic DocuSign Experience to access administrative capabilities.

More information, including how to enable the New DocuSign Experience, is available at

* These capabilities are not available in all plans. To find out if your plan has one of these features, visit: or speak with your account manager.

API Support for Template and Envelope Editing

In this release, we will be adding the ability to update existing templates via the REST APIs. API users will be able to update elements on a template such as add/remove documents, add/remove recipients, and add/remove tags. In addition we are addressing a number of bugs related to editing draft envelopes such as field properties.

DocuSign Mobile Apps

DocuSign for iOS: The award-winning DocuSign iOS app will receive a major document management update. Users can easily access comprehensive document routing and document status information, remind recipients that they have a document to sign, and quickly void documents out for signature. (Expected in August)

Launching alongside Apple’s release of iOS 8, we will fully support iOS 8 and be introducing several new innovative iOS 8 features designed to delight users and developers alike. We will also be introducing two new security features for the iOS app, session timeout and hiding contents when in the multitasking view. Finally, we will be introducing the ability to log in to the iOS app using your Office 365 credentials. (Expected in September)

DocuSign for Android: The DocuSign Android app features an all-new homepage, providing real time status of and access to documents, as well as one-tap access to common tasks like creating your signature. (Available now)

With the next major release, Android users will see a major update to the Sign & Send functionality in the app. In addition to a design and usability update, we will be adding the ability for users to add fields to documents for others to sign. (Expected in September)

DocuSign for Windows Phone and Windows 8: Windows 8 and Windows Phone will both receive updates to support login via Office 365 credentials, as well as continued performance improvements. (Expected in August)

DocuSign Connectors

DocuSign Apps for Microsoft Office 365: DocuSign for Outlook, DocuSign for Word, and DocuSign for SharePoint Online will be available in French, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese and Portuguese, making it even easier to DocuSign around the globe. In addition, we are adding support for DocuSign templates in DocuSign for Outlook and DocuSign for Word. A user can explicitly choose a DocuSign template to use the template matching feature and ask if the sender wants to apply it. (Expected in October)

DocuSign for SharePoint 2013 Beta: Based on your feedback, we’re adding support for Microsoft SharePoint 2013. This beta release will enable users to sign or send a document for signature from any SharePoint 2013 document library, track the status of sent documents, and automatically have signed documents saved back to SharePoint 2013. (Expected in September)

DocuSign for Google Drive 2.7.1: This release includes significant user experience enhancements, including full compatibility with the New DocuSign Experience and an easy-to-follow signing initiation screen, as well as options to print and download completed documents or upload them to other cloud services. (Expected in August)

DocuSign Transaction Rooms for Real Estate

DocuSign Transaction Rooms (DTR) are part of DocuSign for Real Estate PLUS plans, and offer a simple, secure, mobile way for Real Estate professionals to manage their transactions. We are continuing our commitment to deliver an exceptional user experience with this release by improving how one views documents from within the web app and enhancing our user interface across the web and our mobile apps. Furthermore, we are introducing the ability to modify PDF's from within the web app, providing users the ability to split one PDF into multiple PDFs or combine multiple PDFs into one. User will also be able to edit a PDF by deleting pages, changing the page order, or changing the orientation of pages. (Expected in August)

In addition, we’re significantly enhancing the document checklist capability and approval process related to document checklists and closing a Transaction Room to ensure it supports the unique needs for brokerages of all sizes. We’re also bringing the functionality we released in our broker edition earlier this year to our suite of mobile applications (iOS and Android). (Expected in September)

DocuSign for Life Sciences

We have partnered with industry experts to validate DocuSign's ability to deliver transactions which meet FDA regulations. DocuSign 21 CFR Part 11 solution includes industry-designed capabilities that include pre-packaged Account Configurations, fully manifested Signature Blocks, Signing Reason and Signer Login per Signature Tab, and more.