SVA Calculator

We have created a fun way for you to take the first step with DocuSign. Use the Rapid Value Calculator below to give you and your business a clear picture of how DocuSign can provide immediate and substantial payback for your business in three major categories:

  1. Hard Dollar Savings
  2. Productivity Improvements
  3. Revenue Gains

Simply read through the questions provided in the calculator, enter your data in each of the fields available in the Use Case section and click Calculate. The benchmarks represent a range of data provided by real DocuSign customers and just serve as helpful reference points for your own inputs. Try it now to find out how much your business could benefit from getting started with DocuSign today!

  Use Case Benchmarks
  Low Average High
How Many Employees Send Documents Annually?  
How Many Documents Do You Process Annually?  
How Long is Your Current Document Turn Around Time (TAT) in Days? 0.05 days 10.9 days 76.5 days
What is Your Expected TAT in Days with DocuSign? 0.0 days 0.6 days 3.3 days
What % of Documents are Returned with Errors or Not at All - Not in Good Order (NIGO)?
0.5% 13.0% 77.90%
What is Your Expected NIGO Rate with DocuSign?
0.0% 1.7% 20.0%
Hard Dollar Savings
What is Your Cost to Print, Distribute and Store a Document?
$0.02 $6.35 $57.57
Total Hard Dollar Savings Per Document: $1.14  
Productivity Improvements
What is Your Hourly Rate for Employees Involved in this Use Case?
$13.50 $26.93 $120.00
On a Scale of 0% - 100%, How Automated is the Existing Process?
0.0% 23.0% 85.0%
How Much Time to Create, Distribute, Manage, Process, Scan and Store Document in Min: 2 min 29 min 168 min
Total Productivity Improvement Per Document: $7.27  
Revenue Gains
What is Your Average Annual Revenue Per Document?
$150 $908,249 $15,000,000
What is Your Current Conversion Rate?
2.5% 70.0% 100.0%
What is Your Expected Conversion Rate with DocuSign?
2.5% 73.0% 100.0%
Total Revenue Gains Per Document: $34.70  
Total Benefits
Implied Per Document Value: $43.11  
Implied Total Use Case Value: $431,052.74